The National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Microbial Genetic Resources and Invertebrates of Agricultural Importance

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Co-ordinating institution of the NPMGR
Crop Research Institute (CRI), Prague
Drnovská 507
161 06 Prague – Ruzyně
Director and statutory representative: RNDr. Mikuláš Madaras, Ph.D.

National co-ordinator NPMGR: Ing. Petr Komínek Ph.D.
Tel.: + 420 233 022 442
e – mail:

Procedure for ordering and distribution of genetic resources:
Strains are distributed on the basis of a written order delivered by conventional mail, electronically or in person.
The collections follow the relevant legislative requirements for the administrative processing of orders.

How to obtain a strain:
Strains cannot be ordered centrally.
The collection (link - name of the collection) in which the strain is stored is always indicated next to the strain.
On the collection's website, the contact details of the curator from whom the strain can be obtained are listed.