The National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Microbial Genetic Resources and Invertebrates of Agricultural Importance

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Collection of Phytopathogenic Microorganisms UPOC

The collection of fungal microorganisms pathogenic to plants has been formed by Prof. Lebeda from 1977, during his work in Plant Breeding Station of Sempra company in Smržice. Following his employment (from 1994) at the Dept. Botany, Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc the collection was enlarged by isolates of cyanobacteria and algae (administered by Dr. Hašler and managed by prof. Poulíčková) and collection of viruses and phytoplasmas (managed by Prof. Navrátil at Department of Cell Biology and Genetics). The UPOC collection has expanded by expeditions organized yearly to collect new samples.

• Characteristic of collection (strains), number of cultures

The national database include
177 isolates of 15 species of phytopathogenic fungi and fungi-like organisms
31 strains of 31 species of cyanobacteria (12) and algae (7)
5 isolates of 4 species of phytoplasmas and 28 isolates of 7 virus species
others are part of working collection.

• Activities/research activities of Department of Botany
Genetic variability of plant pathogenic fungi;
Biodiversity and genetic variability of host-pathogen interactions in crop and wild plant pathosystems;
Mechanisms of resistance in host-pathogen interactions;
Plant breeding (classical and biotechnological approaches) in disease resistance;
Tests of plant pathogen for fungicide resistance;
Biology, ecology and genetics of cyanobacteria and algae
Epidemiology, biology and genetics of phytoplasmas and viruses

• Services
providing samples for non-commercial purposes
consultancy and determination
methods of culture maintenance see methodology (in Czech language)
quality systems, internal norms, correct laboratory practice
according to requirements of the National programme

• Involvement to national and international organizations/platforms
IBEB (International Bremia Evaluation Board)

• international cooperation

interchange of isolates, developing methods for storage, cultivation and testing of host plants resistance

• catalogue - on www VURV Praha

Utilization of collection:

• Utilization of strains
teaching, research, screening of plant resistance, reference strains for phytosanitary diagnostics, State phytosanitary administration and Central Checking and Testing Agricultural Institute, consultancy activities and postgraduate teaching of professional staff of water management institutions/authorities

• Users, clients
students, teachers, scientists, specialists of State Phytosanitary Administration, breeding companies and water authorities, …

Microorganisms in UPOC collection


Palacký University in Olomouc
Faculty of Science
Department of Botany
Šlechtitelů 11
783 71 Olomouc-Holice

Staff, contacts:

• head/responsible person
Prof. Ing. Aleš Lebeda, DrSc. (curator)

• others
Doc. RNDr. Michaela Sedlářová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Pavla Šiková
RNDr. Barbora Mieslerová, Ph.D.
RNDr. Božena Sedláková, Ph.D.
RNDr. Petr Hašler, Ph.D.
Prof. RNDr. Milan Navrátil, CSc.

• contact: e-mail, telephon, fax: 585634824,
fax 585634824